Website Maintenance

Regular updates, backups, and security checks ensure website functionality and security.

Why does maintenance matter?

A website is not merely a one-time build that’s ready to sustain itself throughout the life of your company, brand or blog. Just as a physical building you might make for a brick-and-mortar location requires regular maintenance to repair breaks, clean up messes and spruce up the landscaping from week to week, your website needs some routine care to keep it in tip-top shape. Side effects of an infrequently updated site

Side effects of an infrequently updated site:

If you go too long between updates or have been putting them off because you are overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into regular updates, your site begins to show signs of neglect.  Imagine your site is hacked and everything is lost and there is no backup to restore it.  When that happens, you would want to hide in a corner and cry.  Let Remote Tech Media help you!

Website maintenance plans include the following tasks:

  • Plugin and theme updates.
  • Adding, changing or removing text and images provided by the client.
  • Adding content to pages provided by the client.
  • Resizing of images.
  • Adding, changing or removing of links.
  • Fixing broken links and error pages.
  • Changing colors or layout to current pages.
  • Adding or removing pages.

1 hours of prepaid website maintenance

Bronze Plan


3 hours of prepaid website maintenance

Silver Plan


5 hours of prepaid website maintenance



10 hours of prepaid website maintenance

Platinum Plan

If you can dream it
Remote Tech Media can do it!

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” ~  Paul Cookson ~

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